Joint Revision

What is Joint Revision Surgery?

Joint Revision surgery is a complex procedure that requires an experienced surgeon and proper preoperative planning to achieve good outcomes. Revision joint replacements have a broad range from standard revisions to very complex.

A revision might have to replace all the parts of your joint or just some. Highly specialized instrumentation and complex implants are necessary for many of these operations. Sometimes, custom made individualized implants are needed.

These types of operations are best handled by specialists whose primary focus is joint replacement. About 10% of the overall surgical cases performed by the Arthritis Total Joint Specialists are revisions.

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How do I know if I need Joint Revision Surgery?

Joint replacements often have an excellent longevity. However, much like our regular joints, joint replacements can wear out as well. Because of the many different reasons a joint revision may need to be done, every aspect of the surgery must be individualized to meet the patient’s unique needs .Therefore, it is best to discuss these procedures with your ATJS surgeon.

Not all revision joint replacements require the replacement of all parts of the implanted joint. In some cases, parts of the original implant may still be in perfect condition while others may need to be replaced.

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What causes a joint replacement to fail?

The most common reasons for a joint replacement to fail are:

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Instability
  • Stiffness
  • Wear and loosening
  • Fractures
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How to prepare for joint revision surgery?

Similar to a primary joint replacement, an ATJS orthopedic surgeon will review your medical history and current medications. Your physician may also order blood tests, and compile X-rays or MRIs if needed. We do ask that primary care physicians and specialists, such a cardiologist, provide clearances for the surgery. This is done to further optimize the outcomes keeping safety as a priority.

Advanced imaging technologies can demonstrate changes in the position or condition of the prosthetic components as well help to pinpoint the cause, location and the amount of bone loss to help plan for the surgery.

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Why come to ATJS for joint revision surgery?

Our board certified orthopedic surgeons are among the most skilled surgeons in Georgia.

In addition to their expertise and extensive training, they have combined over 30 years of experience on joint replacement surgery. This experience allows them to achieve very high success rates, avoid complications and help effectively relieve our patients’ pain.

We have been ranked #1 in the Nation for lowest length of stay and #1 in Georgia for lowest readmissions. This means that you will get home quickly, but most importantly, safely. Our surgeons were also ranked #1 most experienced in the state of Georgia.

As a patient you can expect exceptional customer service from the moment you call to make your appointment to a close follow up from one of our team members after surgery. The goal has always been to develop a program that serves the community with the highest standards for outcomes and safety.

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