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Force Therapeutics

Force Therapeutics

Arthritis & Total Joint Specialists is a member of a network of physician practices that utilizes Force Therapeutics, a secure, web based system that allows you to communicate after surgery with your surgeon’s team and conduct non-urgent communications with our office.

Using the patient portal, we are proud to offer a convenient way to:

Force Therapeutics is NOT to be used for urgent or emergency communications. Communication through the portal is not intended to replace an office visit. Please do not send messages through the portal that require immediate medical attention. If you do not receive a response within 72 hours, you should contact the office.

Click here to login to Force Therapeutics

You may call our office during normal business hours to request that an account be created for you. To visit the login page, click the link above.


Email sent over the internet may not be encrypted or secured. If you choose to email any of the information contained in the portal over the internet (including to yourself) your information could be accessed by others.

Patient portal communication is intended only for the patient that is currently logged in. Any communication relating to another patient including family members needs to be communicated under their own portal ID. You are responsible for the security of your password(s) and for authorizing, monitoring and controlling any access and use of your account and password(s).

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