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KneeKG Gait Analysis

The KneeKG gait analysis offers a non-invasive assessment of the impact of injury on the knee joint function, and measures the effect of surgery and rehabilitation. It is able to accurately identify biomechanical issues that are impossible to see with traditional x-rays or MRI’s.

The KneeKG gait analysis is designed to test:

  • Impact of an injury on knee joint function
  • Knee in motion and weight bearing condition
  • Impact of treatment/surgery on knee joint function
  • Knee joint function throughout the continuum of care
  • Athletic performance analysis

The test:

  • The test typically takes between 20-25 minutes to assess one knee, 35-40 minutes to assess both knees.
  • Sensors are placed around the waist, above the knee and on the tibia of the patient who is being assessed
  • After the sensors and assessment device are calibrated to the unique specifications of the patient, the patient walks on a treadmill for 45 seconds at a comfortable walking speed
  • An infrared camera records the patient and creates a real-time image of the 3D movement of the knee.
  • Analysis software quickly and automatically processes the results and generates a report highlighting biomechanical impairment.

The data is gathered and used by the clinical team of Arthritis and Total Joint Specialists to identify the progression of osteoarthritis and come up with your unique treatment plan.

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